Seaside Gothic

Fiction | Poetry | Nonfiction

‘An Episode’ by Kirsty Louise Farley

‘Bedouin of a Medway Morning’ by SM Jenkin

‘Beside the Seaside’ by Matthew Munson

‘The Erasure of Saint Eadburg’ by Anthony Levings

‘Land’s End’ by Catherine Law

‘Lemon Slices’ by Melissa Todd

‘The Migration of Ghosts’ by Maggie Harris

‘The Sea Cult’ by Seb Reilly

‘Sereia’ by N Godsell

‘Shadowfolk’ by Luke Edley

‘Suggests the Night’ by Lee Stoddart

‘This Delicate Unbecoming’ by Lannah Marshall

‘Under Speeton Cliffs’ by Barry Fentiman Hall

Images by Amy Elizabeth