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Seaside Gothic publishes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction of high quality that meet the criteria of seaside gothic literature. Each issue also features a selection of images from a single photographer or artist, including the cover.

Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction Submissions

Submissions should be attached as a Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF document in Times New Roman double-line-spaced size 12. Submissions must be complete self-contained pieces not in excess of 1,000 words in length and not serialised or extracts of larger works. Quotes or extracts of work currently in copyright under UK law will be included in nonfiction if Fair Use can be justified at the discretion of Seaside Gothic, and will not be considered within fiction or poetry.

Photography and Illustration Submissions

Submissions should be attached as between 5 and 10 high quality images of a variety of both portrait and landscape orientations. Images should reflect the three criteria that define seaside gothic literature and work as a set or collection.

Terms and Conditions of Content Submission

All content remains the copyright of the current copyright holder, which must be specified upon submission if it is different to the individual submitting the content. Previously published submissions will not be accepted. Seaside Gothic requires first UK rights in print and digitally, along with three months of exclusivity from the date of publication. Contributors will receive a print copy of the issue containing their submission sent by post to UK addresses only. Payment is offered for accepted submissions via PayPal and currently is discussed upon acceptance. By submitting, contributors agree to Seaside Gothic holding their name, pseudonym (if applicable), email, address, biography, website and any social media links, and consent to receiving updates regarding said submission deemed reasonably necessary.

Unsolicited submissions are considered only during open submission windows, and unsolicited submissions sent outside of these times will not be considered. Simultaneous unsolicited submissions are accepted but multiple submissions are not. Please inform Seaside Gothic as soon as possible if submissions are accepted elsewhere. Please do not submit to Seaside Gothic more than once per submissions quarter. Unsolicited submissions will be reviewed within 90 days of the closing date of the submissions window. Please do not query submission status during the review period and please do not query unsolicited submissions sent outside of open submission windows.

If you have accessibility requirements then please get in touch for supported submission using the Accessibility option on the Contact page, whereby your request will be reviewed and reasonable adjustments can be made.

Submissions are currently solicited only and unsolicited submissions are closed.