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Smugglers’ Caves
Botany Bay
Kent CT10 3LG

(+44) 0560 364 3037

ISSN 2752-7867 (Print)
ISSN 2755-001X (Digital)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a digital version of Seaside Gothic?

Seaside Gothic is currently only available in print.

Can I get Seaside Gothic outside of the UK?

Seaside Gothic is available internationally, however shipping charges apply. These are calculated during checkout.

Can I subscribe to Seaside Gothic?

Subscriptions can be purchased online and issues will be dispatched in the post beginning with the current issue.

How can I submit to Seaside Gothic?

Seaside Gothic only considers unsolicited submissions during open submission windows, which are specified on the Submissions page where applicable or available. Unsolicited submissions sent outside of these times will not be considered.

Does Seaside Gothic pay for accepted submissions?

Payment is offered for accepted submissions via PayPal and currently is discussed upon acceptance.

When will I hear back about my submission to Seaside Gothic?

Unsolicited submissions sent during open submission windows will receive a response within ninety days, as will solicited submissions. Unsolicited submissions sent outside of open submission windows will not receive a response.

Will I get feedback on my submission?

On some occasions feedback will be given, but not for every submission to Seaside Gothic. Feedback cannot be requested and will be offered at the discretion of the Editor.

What happens if the Editor wants to change something in my submission?

Major edits are discussed with the contributor and carried out with consent following dialogue between the contributor and the Editor. Minor edits may be made to bring content in line with the Editorial Policy of Seaside Gothic.

Can I hire Seaside Gothic to edit my writing?

The Editor of Seaside Gothic offers editorial services on a freelance basis, details of which can be found online. Some contributors to Seaside Gothic also offer editorial services and may be recommended at the discretion of the Editor.

Can I stock Seaside Gothic in my shop?

Seaside Gothic is available at a wholesale discount to stockists and retailers. Please get in touch using the contact form below for more information or to request stock.

What if I have a different question for Seaside Gothic?

Please use the enquiry form below to contact Seaside Gothic if your question has not been addressed.

Enquiry Form

By sending this enquiry you consent to Seaside Gothic holding your name, email address, and any information provided for the duration of time it takes to deal with your enquiry, and agree to a representative of Seaside Gothic contacting you to respond to your message via the email address you provide. These details will not be shared with third parties and contact will only be regarding your message.