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Submissions are Open

Submissions are Open

Submissions to Seaside Gothic are open from 10th October to 16th October 2022. Submissions can be fiction, poetry, nonfiction, or visual as a collection of photographs or illustrations. Each submission needs to meet the three criteria which define seaside gothic literature:

  1. It is led by emotion, not reason, exploring the human experience mentally and spiritually as well as physically, and is unashamed to embrace the violence of the sea and the wind along with the beauty of the land and the sky and the ever-changing tide.
  2. It addresses duality—land and sea, love and hate, the beautiful and the grotesque—to reflect the structures that line the coast, which are both those solidly braced against the fiercest elements and those built from what surrounds in a state of shanty transience.
  3. It connects to the edge, living on the seaside either literally or figuratively, and has one foot in the water and the other on solid ground, presenting the juxtaposition of a physical border with open space and a wilderness of water that provides life yet is inconsumable.

To gain an idea of what Seaside Gothic is looking for, please read the previous Issues.

If you would like to submit a single short story, poem, piece of creative nonfiction writing, or set of images, please ensure that it meets the three specified criteria, as far as you can tell, and consider whether you think the Editor will enjoy it, whether it is in-line with the type of content published by Seaside Gothic, and whether stands out as being of high quality. To submit, please follow the instructions and terms listed on the Submissions page. Written content must be a single stand-alone piece of no more than 1,000 words and visual content should be a set of no less than five and no more than ten images.

Seaside Gothic requires first UK publication rights and a three month exclusivity period from the date of being published. Accepted content is published both in print (ISSN 2752-7867) and digitally (ISSN 2755-001X), with print copies available for purchase through and in a selection of retailers, and the digital version available in-part for free online and in-part through an online subscription through Patreon. Seaside Gothic is a non-profit enterprise and a paying market, with payable rates based upon magazine income.

Submissions will be open until midnight Greenwich Mean Time at the end of 16th October. For terms and conditions as well as full details of submission, please see the Submissions page.