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Editor’s Letter by Seb Reilly

‘The Dream Catcher’s Island’ by Ejiro Elizabeth Edward

‘A Home by the Sea’ by Alison Ozawa Sanders

‘How to Grow Up’ by Elizabeth Guilt

‘Hythe’ by Sarah Wallis

‘The Lifeboat’ by Dannye Chase

‘Oddkin’ by Marisca Pichette

‘Seaglass’ by Quen Took

‘Seasons Have Reshaped Me’ by Mervyn Seivwright

‘The Sea Will Swallow Me’ by Catherine Law

‘Some Belong to the Ocean’ by Rita Ciresi

‘The Source’ by Cheryl Freedman

‘The Storm at Saint-Malo’ by Margaret Koger

‘Why You Can’t See Shadows In Mirrors’ by Adnan Bader

Images by Ryszard Paszkowski