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Editor’s Letter Issue 3

Editor's Letter Issue 3

This is the rock against which this little magazine shall moor with steadfast ropes and a strong hand. Here Seaside Gothic will anchor against the tide, the turning, the wind, and the whipping ferocity of whatever waves shall attempt to erode. For this is the measure of a publication: the principles upon which it is built.

I ask you, would you rather I bend and break, giving up a vision for fear of controversy?

The first Issue, Shallow Drift, was one of announcement. This is Seaside Gothic and here be monsters amongst the beauty of coastal desolation.

The second Issue, Tidal Echo, delved further into deep detail, exploring the minutiae of what makes the edge of the world.

This third Issue then is one of resolution. We are the living flotsam which washes upon your shores.

Devour us, celebrate us, destroy us if you so wish, but do so with dignity, as we present ourselves the same.

Seaside Gothic is from transience, the marginalised and forgotten, the moving voices which sing a song of saltwater. It is born of my heart but belongs to more than I, and is a collective of passion and strength and vulnerability and pain. The editorial choices I make are from a place of love, and that falling is what makes me decide.

There is meander to the aesthetic but it is compassed, charted upon parchment as a sea map and consistent to the frays. It is my legacy, perhaps, but more than this it is its own. The mark left by these pages may not last upon your coffee table or your bookshelf, but they will burn into your heart as the sun scorches your retina and the stars pinprick your soul as you navigate home, wherever that might be.

I stand proud and resilient in my own decisions, and I am in love with this beast that has been born from paper and ink. To the writers, the artists, the photographers, these creators who have created: look what we have wrought. This terrible, wonderful thing is ours that we made, fashioned from blood and salt and sweat and death and laughter and birth and life.

These pages, then, are bound by more than a spine. They are held with principle, with integrity, and with vision. It is ours, shared, mine and yours.

Protect it, keep it safe, and it will in turn shelter you from the storms and the rage. Seaside Gothic will be here when you need it, with tales from the water’s edge, as long as you stay with us on the shifting sand, amongst the waves.

Hold fast.