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Issue 4 of Seaside Gothic has been published and can now be purchased!

No matter the vantage point of those who look and listen, it is to the displaced we cast our eye and ear. Those without foundation are our focus, for they live upon this waste-strewn laid land.

Seb Reilly, Editor’s Letter, Issue 4

Seaside Gothic Issue 4 features fiction from Dannye Chase, Cheryl Freedman, Elizabeth Guilt, Catherine Law, and Alison Ozawa Sanders, poetry from Adnan Bader, Margaret Koger, Marisca Pichette, Mervyn Seivwright, and Sarah Wallis, nonfiction from Rita Ciresi, Ejiro Elizabeth Edward, and Quen Took, and images from Ryszard Paszkowski. Issue 4 is available through and is also stocked in a selection of bookshops and retailers.