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Pre-Order Issue 3

Pre-Order Issue 3

Seaside Gothic Issue 3 is now available to pre-order, with all copies pre-ordered guaranteed to ship before the publication date of 1st July 2022.

There is a meander to the aesthetic but it is compassed, charted upon parchment as a sea map and consistent to the frays. It is my legacy, perhaps, but more than this it is its own.

Seb Reilly, Editor’s Letter, Issue 3

Issue 3 features words from Charlotte Ansell, Megan Baffoe, Martin Charlton, Kathie-Louise Clarke, Muriel Falak, Nikola Hall, SM Jenkin, Neethu Krishnan, Christi Nogle, Seb Reilly, Julia Ruth Smith, Shelley Thomas, and Melissa Todd, along with images from Tim Knight. Issue 3 will be available following publication via independent bookshops, through subscription, and online, but it is only available for pre-order directly from Seaside Gothic.