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Pre-Order Issue 2

Pre-Order Issue 2

Seaside Gothic Issue 2 is available for pre-order, meaning your copy will be guaranteed to ship before 1st April 2022, the publication date.

To the sea once more we turn. It calls us with a voice louder and stronger than any other we have heard, yet soft and whispering as a lover.

Seb Reilly, Editor’s Letter, Issue 2

Issue 2 features words from Ezra Alice, Zoe Davies, E. J. Dawson, Setareh Ebrahimi, Rosie Garland, Barry Fentiman Hall, Maggie Harris, SM Jenkin, Dylan Keeling, Catherine Law, Carolyn Oulton, Sonia Overall, and Melissa Todd, along with images from Ade Davies. Upon publication, Issue 2 will be available in a limited number of bookshops and retail establishments, as well as through online stores, however it is available for pre-order through exclusively.