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Official Merchandise

Official Seaside Gothic Merchandise

A brand without merchandise is akin to a horse without a name. In an effort to adhere to the rules of marketing to promote the brand whilst simultaneously creating something worthwhile and of substance, Seaside Gothic is proud to now sell some official merchandise.

The items on sale are all inobtrusively branded with the Seaside Gothic emblem: a totem at the water’s edge within the circle. Each item of merchandise is ethically and sustainably sourced and is of high quality, following the same ethos that makes each Issue of the magazine.

As Seaside Gothic is a non-profit venture, all revenue generated from merchandise sales will be invested into the magazine and its contributors.

To purchase an item of Seaside Gothic official merchandise, which is available exclusively direct from only, simply add it to your shopping cart. You can buy more than one item, and can purchase items as well as Issues of the magazine, which are also available. All items can be delivered internationally, with shipping rates calculated at checkout.