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Seaside Gothic is a print magazine crafted to belong on a bookshelf. Each issue is perfect-bound with full colour printing throughout, and is designed to be aesthetically and intellectually pleasing as well as reflecting what Seaside Gothic represents.

There are three criteria that define seaside gothic literature:

  1. It is led by emotion, not reason, exploring the human experience mentally and spiritually as well as physically, and is unashamed to embrace the violence of the sea and the wind along with the beauty of the land and the sky and the ever-changing tide.
  2. It addresses duality—land and sea, love and hate, the beautiful and the grotesque—to reflect the structures that line the coast, which are both those solidly braced against the fiercest elements and those built from what surrounds in a state of shanty transience.
  3. It connects to the edge, living on the seaside either literally or figuratively, and has one foot in the water and the other on solid ground, presenting the juxtaposition of a physical border with open space and a wilderness of water that provides life yet is inconsumable.

These criteria apply as much to the language used as the narrative form. Particular attention is paid to working class and transient voices in seaside gothic literature, as although the coastline in a sense equalises those who live along it, the very nature of surviving the border of two worlds is one of struggle and displacement.

Each issue begins with a cover image provided by a photographer or illustrator whose work appears throughout that specific issue. The inside cover hosts a letter from the Editor, with the facing page containing the contents and details of that issue. The first item within each issue is a feature which will only appear in print exclusively in that issue. Following this, each issue contains twelve pieces of written work from writers, authors, poets, and contributors, which are categorised as either fiction, poetry, or nonfiction. The images featured throughout each issue, including the front and back covers, along with double-page spreads, form a set which can be viewed individually or as part of a larger body of work when considered together.

Issues of Seaside Gothic do not contain any advertising. Issues are created as collections of art and the highest quality possible is maintained at all times. Contributors include national and international award winners, published professionals who are leaders in their fields, and newcomers with original and compelling voices. Contributions are judged on merit alone, as per the Editorial Policy.