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Buy Issue 3 of Seaside Gothic

Issue 3 of Seaside Gothic has now been published and is available for purchase.

The mark left by these pages may not last upon your coffee table or your bookshelf, but they will burn into your heart as the sun scorches your retina and the stars pinprick your soul as you navigate home, wherever that might be.

Seb Reilly, Editor’s Letter, Issue 3

Seaside Gothic Issue 3 features fiction from Megan Baffoe, Martin Charlton, Nikola Hall, Christi Nogle, and Julia Ruth Smith, poetry from Charlotte Ansell, Kathie-Louise Clarke, Muriel Falak, SM Jenkin, and Shelley Thomas, nonfiction from Neethu Krishnan, Seb Reilly, and Melissa Todd, and images from Tim Knight. Issue 3 is available through and is also stocked in a limited number of bookshops and retailers.