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Seaside Gothic Issue 2 has officially been published and is now available for purchase.

To us who live here, in the literal littoral liminal, we are washed in the sea’s song. Come join us and let that conch call fill your head as the salt dries your skin and the sun singes your hair and your feet settle into the rock pools below.

Seb Reilly, Editor’s Letter, Issue 2

Issue 2 features fiction from Ezra Alice, Rosie Garland, Dylan Keeling, Catherine Law, and Sonia Overall, poetry from Setareh Ebrahimi, Barry Fentiman Hall, Maggie Harris, SM Jenkin, and Carolyn Oulton, nonfiction from Zoe Davies, E. J. Dawson, and Melissa Todd, and images from Ade Davies. Issue 2 is available through and is stocked in a limited number of bookshops and retail establishments.