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Editor’s Letter Issue 2

Editor's Letter Issue 2

To the sea once more we turn. It calls us with a voice louder and stronger than any other we have heard, yet soft and whispering as a lover. It is both embracing and furious and its sound resounds as a seashell held to the ear brings the tidal echo of the waves. Although long may be the wait between, each boom is mighty in inflection. To us who live here, in the literal littoral liminal, we are washed in the sea’s song. Come join us and let that conch call fill your head as the salt dries your skin and the sun singes your hair and your feet settle into the rock pools below. In the shadow of the cliffs our beach huts outlive the concrete walls that try to hold back the sea, as she will not be tamed but she allows us shelter. It is both warm and cold, wild and comforting, and this coastal wilderness brims with life. You are welcome to shelter awhile, here with us.